New Website

We are happy to welcome you on our new website


HABA-SPED steps into a new digital century and is proud to announce the launch of our new designed website.

It’s a milestone in the development of the HABA-SPED Group and provides you with any electronical information you need.

HABASPED.ORG responsive website  is featuring more information about the HABA-SPED Group as well as enabling you to contact us directly per email, downloading documents, overview of all offices, responsibility over all the chinese provinces and much more.


The new online performance can be used wherever you are and by any device you have got. As long as you have WIFI and internet conncection – is set to work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and further devices.


Surf on our new website HABASPED.ORG to explore the world of HABA-SPED.